The Role of a Mother in Raising a son

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Mothers are probably the closest people for all of us that’s why the role of a mother in raising a son is really huge. And it’s hard to over appreciate it! First of all, mother is a person who is always with you, who know everything about you and who you can always trust. There is a belief that mothers are always close to there sons and daughters are close to their fathers. Mother is the person who will always understand you and will never keep an anger on you for a long time, she is always on your side. There are special features mothers give to their children: kindness, care and carefulness. This is because women usually play the role of peace and housekeepers in the family, they are more emotional than men that’s why they show their love more often. These features are important for sons, because they form them as social personalities. Mother can teach her son a lot about the life. Both parents are really important they both give something to there children, unfortunately single-parent families are usual nowadays. Usually the role of the single parent is played by mother. Some fathers can betray there children but mothers can’t, they are better connected with them. It’s believed that father is the most important person  his son’s adolescence but mother’s role is usually even more important.

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