The Nuts and Bolts of Capital Punishment

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The controversy over the imposition of capital punishment still exists, and you can even attest to that through online essay writing. When United States was still Britain`s colony, death already served as lawful punishment. It can be said

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that today’s generation is luckier because during the early times, cases like stealing fruits were already considered capital crimes. Meaning, you are literally dead once you are proven guilty of committing theft. But as Americans gained dependence, the criminal justice system was eventually amended to reclassify heinous crimes. Death sentence, however,

remained on the list of penalties.

Capital punishment is recognized as one of the most sweeping essay writing topics worldwide. Until now, the question whether death as punishment is effective and ethical, is argued. And if it is death penalty people are talking about, it is impossible to not pay respects to Italian criminologist and philosopher Cesare Beccaria, who roused public opinion on death penalty.

The Impact of Beccaria’s ‘On Crime and Punishment’

Beccaria’s ‘On Crime and Punishment’ was such a concise and powerful essay writing output that policy-makers used it as inspiration in drafting constitution. This is especially true in the case of United Sates, which was just beginning as a sovereign, when Beccaria’s creation was published.

Beccaria referred to the society as a law-regulated entity. According to him, people agreed to have their liberty constrained in exchange for protection. He emphasized that it is crucial to observe a clearly-defined set of penal code to maintain orderliness in the society. Beccaria also believes that everyone should be informed about the justice system. He sees it is necessary for the unlawful to be punished, but it should be done in a rational manner.

Ethical Issues on Capital Punishment

Capital punishment encompasses several issues, and one of which is morality, which also has several angles you can try to explore in your academic essay writing assignments. Digging deeper you may say that death penalty is somehow ironic, and confusing at the same time. And if you would only try searching online on random insights about capital punishment, you would see how diverse people`s opinions are.

Pros. Those who support capital punishment say that implementing such would bring about a safer and more peaceful society. Death sentence would help mitigate cases of criminal acts as would-be perpetrators become threatened. This is also favorable for the families of the accused as closure is easily achieved. This would also mean less expenditures for the government. Funds could instead be used for more worthy causes such as providing essay writing tutorial to the grassroots level.

Cons. Those who firmly disagree on death penalty argue that it has not been proven yet that the procedure lessens criminality rate. They believe there are more humane alternatives to capital punishment such as life imprisonment without the possibility of being awarded a parole. They also view death sentence as more of fostering retribution than solving crimes.

To conclude, people can only expect to see more essay writing endeavors focusing on capital punishment as long as somebody smells half-baked justice in the society.

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