Men and Women; Stereotypes

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Men and women are really different and they always tend to form some kind of stereotypes about opposite sexes. It always was, it is and will always be this way. That’s why it is really funny to hear something from people of opposite sexes. Most of the women think that men are all fond of drinking bear, watching football, laying on the sofa and doing nothing. On the other hand men think that women are people who can not be technically educated, who are far from sports (especially football), whose most important thing is their cosmetics and whose best hobby is spreading rumors. Most of men and women deny this when hear, and it’s true that there are a lot of men who don’t drink bear and don’t like football; there are also women who play football better then many guys and who can fix the computer themselves. This situation is usually caused by the lack of information or practice in communicating with other people. All the arguments between sexes are built on the stereotypes and that’s why it’s much better to accept what you hear as a joke, without any offence. Stereotypes can bring a lot of problems between people but also they can encourage to give information about yourself and to get information about others what can make people’s lives easier.

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