Describe One Day When You WereIll

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  Being ill is always unpleasant, especially when there is a good weather outside. I remember that most of the time I was getting ill was in winter or in spring. I remember one day when I was in bed, having a good time and watching TV and feeling myself rather well. That day seemed to be really good at that moment until my mother came to my room and said that there is a first snow outside and everybody is playing snowball after school. From that moment I started feeling myself really bad. I really wanted to go out to join my friends, to cover girls with snow, but I couldn’t. I understood I couldn’t go out, but I still started asking my mother to let me. She didn’t, she said that I was still ill. So I started pretending that I was not. It was probably kind of funny to look at, and my mother decided to let me go for half an hour. I remember how big pleasure that was, I stayed outside for several hours playing snowball and ended up having a high temperature.

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