Cons of Wind Energy

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cons(a)           Intermittent Power Source

The electricity from wind is normally dependent on the speed of wind and its availability. For instance if the wind does not blow or if the speed of wind is low, there is little or no electric power since the turbines will not turn. In addition, if the speed of the wind is too high then it might damage the turbines which automatically create electricity shortage.   Most of the wind farms are normally situated in sites that have greatest winds and this means that they are often found in remote locations far from urban areas that require more electric power. These problems can be solved by using power generated from other farms simultaneously and also through storage of the electricity generated by use of batteries. The intermittency of wind power can also present additional costs for the power grid as additional backup power plants are required.

(b)           Danger to Some Wildlife

Wind turbines that are used to generate wind power can pose threat to birds and bats through disturbance to breeding grounds, disturbance to staging and foraging birds and disturbing impact on migration or flying birds. Studies have shown that 40,000 birds and bats are killed each year in the United States by wind turbines (Miller & Spoolman, 2008). However the deaths are negligible when compared to the number of birds and bats that have died after crashing against windows and buildings. Wind farms located on coastal strips can disturb breeding and resting of birds such as geese and waders. The problem is currently solve by redesigning of new wind turbines since the wind turbines that are responsible for these deaths were built twenty tears ago (Andersen, 2007).

(c)            Noise Emissions and Visual Impacts

Wind energy production is a nuisance if sited in places with high population or in coastal areas. This is because wind turbines emit noise due to the mechanical and aero- dynamical nature that is dictated by the wind speed. The shadow of the rotating wind turbines can be an inconvenience to the people who live near such wind generating power farms and some people also consider wind turbines as unsightly. Wind turbines can also interfere with electromagnetic communication systems by reflecting electromagnetic waves and hence interfering with telecommunication links. The problem of noise emissions is currently solve through developing of more efficient wind turbines and the issue of shadow intrusion can be rectified by locating the wind turbines three hundred meters away from houses. Planning of wind farms in areas where the wind turbines cannot interfere with electromagnetic communication systems is also a solution to the above problem.

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